Wenn die App zu umständlich ist: Ticketkauf mit nur einem Klick per Handyrechnung  

Die meisten Beförderungsunternehmen ermöglichen ihren Kunden den Kauf über eine App, die erst heruntergeladen werden muss und die Eingabe von Personen- und Zahlungsdaten benötigt. Dieses Vorgehen ist für Kunden sinnvoll und zumutbar, die den ÖPNV häufiger nutzen, für Gelegenheitsfahrer und Spontankäufer jedoch schlicht zu viel Aufwand. Mehr als 70 Prozent aller verkauften Fahrkarten im öffentlichen […]

Why our award “Best Carrier Billing Contributor of the Year 2020” is based on a revolutionary service for mobile network operators

In October 2020, DIMOCO hit international news twice.Firstly, we announced the notification of the German Mobile Network Operators Telefónica Germany, Telekom and Vodafone as Payment Agents.Only a week later, we attended the Global Carrier Billing Summit and Clemens Leitner, Executive Vice President Carrier and Business Development at DIMOCO Carrier Billing, was awarded “Best Carrier Billing […]

White Paper & Webinar iGaming – new players, new revenue streams

How can gambling operators encourage more players to pay and play? Up to 15 percent increases in revenue estimated. Here’s how.Did you know that the mobile payment method Direct Carrier Billing is not only a payment method but a growth driver and powerful conversion tool for gambling operators? Increased engagement, reduced basket abandonment through a […]

Carrier Billing – safe ways to get physical in 2020

If you are still wondering whether to enable carrier billing as a payment method for physical goods or not, think no more and embark on a time travel with Zvezdana Bajic from DIMOCO’s Carrier & Business Development team. Could you imagine the world without credit cards? And without cash? Can you imagine paying for your […]

The current online betting space is tough, saturated with big and small brands, scoring a dissatisfying average of only 40% active players. So, how do you feel about bumping that number up to 100%?

Imagine you own a football club consisting of 11 great footballers. You hope that they could potentially lead you to, let’s say to the win of the Premier League. But right before the crucial match, five of them do not show up and only six of them actually hit the field.Would you accept that? No?Then […]

RCS – the future is now

Ahead of the current: experience how DIMOCO combines RCS and additional features, such as payment  Born in 2007, the rich communications service (RCS) movement seemed to peter out at various stages throughout the last years, but thanks to recent events, Google’s purchase of Jibe, the release of UP2.0, Samsung’s aggressive RCS moves and MNOs pushing […]

ÖPNV-Tickets komfortabel über die Mobilfunkrechnung bezahlen

ÖPNV-Tickets komfortabel über die Mobilfunkrechnung bezahlen   Die meisten Kunden von Mobilfunkunternehmen können Tickets über die Handy-Rechnung bzw. das vorhandene Prepaid-Guthaben bezahlen sofern ihnen diese Bezahloption in der App angeboten wird. Damit steht die mobile Bezahlmethode Carrier Billing – im Vergleich zu allen anderen Bezahlmethoden wie z.B. Kreditkarte, Apple Pay, Google Pay. – einem Großteil […]